Formula with active ingredients: 

-      Smooths and fills wrinkles under and around the eyes

-      Firms and lifts skin

-      Reduces dark circles and puffiness

The eye filler mask is designed to effectively combat the signs of ageing in the delicate eye area. Thanks to its active ingredients, the filler mask smooths and fills wrinkles, moisturises, reduces dark circles and eliminates puffiness, revitalising skin leaving it silky smooth.

3D RETINOL contains three active retinol forms acting in several directions:

LPD's Vitamin A (encapsulated retinol) has a high penetrating ability. It remains effective for a long time and acts immediately after use by strengthening and preventing destruction of collagen fibers, increasing skin density and smoothing out even the deepest wrinkles.

Vit-A-Like activates collagen synthesis, promotes cellular regeneration processes, reduces wrinkles, firms and lifts skin, adjusts the skin tone.

Vitamin A restores skin’s protective functions and evens out the skin surface.

TSUBAKI OIL is an ancient Asian secret of beauty that is rich in vitamins A, B and E, unsaturated fats, collagen and antioxidants. It penetrates into deep skin layers, intensively nourishes and moistens skin, prevents wrinkles and tones up skin.

SILK PROTEINS smooth out the skin surface, deeply moisturise and improve elasticity, leaving skin silky soft and smooth. 

IMPERIAL GINSENG has a potent anti-ageing effect on skin, enhances microcirculation, reduces dark circles under the eyes, helps to smooth out and prevent wrinkles, tones up skin and suppresses the effect of free radicals that accelerate ageing.

Use: Apply to cleansed skin in the morning and/or in the evening and leave for 10-15 minutes. Gently dab off residues with a tissue. Do not rinse! Use once or twice a week at the age of 30+ or daily at the age of 40+.

Complex: water, sodium hyaluronate, cyclopentasiloxane, cyclohexaciloxane, dimethicone crosspolymer, butylene glycol, panthenol, escine, glycerin, Ruscus Aculeatus root extract (needles), ammonium glycerrizate, Centella Asiatica extract (centella), hydrolysed yeast protein, Calendula Officinalis (calendula), sorbitol, lecithin, retinylpalmitate, xanthan gum, Vigna Aconitifolia (moths), sodium cokeyl glutamate, dimethicone/vinyl dimethicone crossspolymer, Silicon dioxide, sodium polyacrylate, hydrogenated polydecene, tricyclic-6, Camellia Japonica seed oil (tsubaki), silk amino acids, phenoxyethanol, methyl paraben, ethyl paraben, propyl paraben, Polygonum Bistorta root extract (red ginseng), perfume composition, 2-bromine-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol, alpha-isomethylionone, benzyl salicylate, butyl-phenylmethylpropione, citronellol, coumarin, lemonen, geranium, hexylcinnamal, linalol

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