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Welcome to our online store Beauty Cares: Belorussian cosmetics based in UK with delivery anywhere in the world.

  We will deliver your favourite cosmetics in -  Lithuania, Germany, France, USA, Australia, Europe and Asia, America and Africa, Israel, Bulgaria, Cyprus and other countries of the world!

      Belorussian brands: Belita, Vitex, Belita-M  Products pass serious inspection and certification. Improved and improved cosmetic compositions. Now Belarus cosmetics, natural and useful, consistent with international standards. You get quality at a good price. After all, we have the price is rarely more than £10        


    In order to improve the quality of service and delivery, please leave a review on the state of come to you with our package. We beg leave comments on the purchase. Which means you liked, did not like. Each person is different, and all people have a lot in common. Your feedback will help get an idea of ​​the Belarusian cosmetics. Now it is especially important since so many new products come out (Liv Delano, vitex, Belita).

Enjoy your shopping! 

Belarus cosmetics deserved demand among buyers, especially those who, because of geographically remote does not always have the opportunity to purchase a particular commodity in stores near the house. Our company is ready to help you with this. We cooperate with all the leading Belarusian manufacturers of cosmetics.We will send you your order to any country in the world.