The revolutionary political and economic changes in the 80s and 90s of the twentieth century in Poland became the impetus for the development of private entrepreneurship. At that time, in 1989, the VENITA company was founded. Its founders are skilled chemists with many years of experience and impressive scientific achievements.

Thanks to the efforts of professional managers and the participation of the rest of the staff, VENITA has achieved global success, providing consumers from all over the world with hundreds of thousands of products.

Confirmation of recognition for the achievements of the company VENITA are nominations and prizes received in many prestigious competitions.

2001 - Prize of the weekly "All You" for the Fruit Care line for hair care

2002 - Prize Europroduct 2002 for Perfect Color hair dyes

2003 - Nomination in the advertising emblem competition "Now Poland" XIII edition

2006 - Prize "Lodz Offers" for the line of Herbal Coloring Balms Henna Color

2008 - Honorable Mention "Superproduct 2008" of the monthly Light Women for the line of conditioners for nails "Therapy Nail"

2009 - Prize "Pearl of the Cosmetic Market 2009" for the Henna Color line of brown shades

2009 - Prize "Best in Poland" for the Henna Color Color Herbal Balm line

2010 - Bronze Emblem "Highest Quality Quality International 2010" for the Henna Color Color Herbal Hair Balm line

2011 - Silver Emblem "Highest Quality Quality International 2011" for eyebrow and eyelash cream color

Henna Color Professional Eyebrow Tint Cream Black "Venita"

Henna Color Professional Eyebrow Tint Cream Black "Venita"

MODERN FORMULA, TRADITIONAL COSMETIC !Henna for eyebrows in the cream is a modern formula of the kno..


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