JSC "Svoboda" was founded on the basis of the first in Russia perfume factory of the Partnership "A. Ralle & Co ”, which was founded in 1843 in Moscow.

Today "Svoboda" is a modern powerful Russian cosmetic production. The company employs over 600 people. The assortment of products includes more than 450 items of products of various properties and purpose - these are toilet soaps, face and body skin care products, hair and scalp care, oral cavity care, children's cosmetics and special-purpose cosmetic products. Traditional and newest products of the association are deservedly in great demand of Russian consumers.

The production structure of the enterprise consists of 3 production units:

Soap and glycerin production

Manufacture of cosmetic products

Production of toothpastes and shampoos

The enterprise has its own Research Center uniting seven specialized laboratories. The scientific center develops and introduces modern cosmetic products into production.

Soap "Laundry 72%" 150g "Freedom"

Soap "Laundry 72%" 150g "Freedom"

The laundry soap of 72% is intended for the sanitary and hygienic purposes and a hand wash of produc..


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