Hair looks dull and lifeless? 

Ends of the hair are cut? 

Hair fly and are not managed? 

The reason — the lack of keratin in hair structure, which arises due to the negative impact of the environment, an unbalanced diet, stress, strict diets, bathing in seawater, staining or frequent perming.

Cosmetic line Keratin Active helps to compensate for the deficiency of keratin in hair. 

Keratin — a natural protein that is the main component of the hair structure. It provides hair follicles with nutrients, tightly covers hair like tiles and protects them:

— from the sun, wind, cold;

— from damage when using irons, curling irons, tongs and hair dryers;

— from destruction during colouring or chemical perming;

— from damage when wearing pins, hair binder or studs.

Cosmetic line Keratin Active — Power, beauty and health of your hair!

Leave On Hair Serum with Keratin

Leave On Hair Serum with Keratin

Serum specially formulated for intensive hair care. Its unique formula deeply nourishes and restores..


RECOVERY MASK with keratin for hair, washable / 300ml

RECOVERY MASK with keratin for hair, washable / 300ml

Makes active regenerating effect, eliminates deep damage, giving hair a wonderful softness and silki..


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