New products from the #LikeMe BEAUTIFUL SKIN line work on perfecting the skin so that it looks perfect all the time - with or without makeup, in photos and in life, in romantic twilight or in merciless daylight.

For this purpose, in each product of the line, active ingredients with proven effectiveness are carefully selected, which complement and strengthen each other's action, so that the result after using the #LikeMe BEAUTIFUL SKIN line is fast, persistent and really noticeable to you and others.

Active components of the line:

EGG-COLLAGEN Egg White Protein Complex is an excellent source of collagen, enzymes, B vitamins and minerals. Egg white increases the elasticity of the skin and pore walls, so that the enlarged pores gradually tighten and shrink. Also, the protein helps to fight the active work of the sebaceous glands and noticeably narrows the pores, effectively removes sebum from the depths of the pores, eliminates blackheads and prevents their appearance. Promotes moisture retention, creating a "reserve" of water in the skin, due to which the skin softens and smoothes, and prevents the appearance of dry creases.

Epidermist (a unique highly effective component of natural origin that has no analogues on Earth)

Tightens pores (-11% of total visible pore area) *

Smoother skin (-19% roughness) *

Brightens the skin (observed in 64% of volunteers) *

Reduces the growth of bacteria caused by inflammation and redness (-10%) *

Reduces skin reactivity (-37%) *

Improves cellular renewal (+ 31%) *

Phytotal deeply cleanses the skin, shrinks pores, regulates sebum, restores the natural balance of the skin.

Absorbent zinc powder - a natural antibacterial agent - absorbs excess sebum, normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands, gradually reduces sebaceous plugs in the pores, makes blackheads less noticeable, dries up inflammation, provides the skin with a long-lasting matting effect.

Silicon powder perfectly absorbs excess sebum, mattifies, masks enlarged pores, gives the skin an even tone and a healthy glow.

Green clay is ideal for combination skin with enlarged pores or a greasy tendency. It adsorbs impurities, helps prevent the appearance of clogged pores, saturates the skin with essential trace elements, heals, improves firmness and elasticity.

White clay (kaolin) has a beneficial effect on oily and acne-prone skin, soothes, has an anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effect, dries existing inflammations and accelerates their healing.

Glycolic acid effectively and gently exfoliates dead skin cells, moisturizes and smoothes the skin, evens out the microrelief, makes it smooth and silky.

A natural scrubbing complex of apricot kernels provides deep cleansing of pores, as well as a soft massage of the skin, which activates metabolic processes in the epidermis, accelerates skin renewal, and improves cellular respiration.

Golden kumquat - solar energetic - infuses the skin with vitamins, awakening its energy and radiance.

Witch hazel has antibacterial and soothing properties, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and capillaries, and helps to narrow the pores.

Fresh mint refreshes and tones the skin, helps to tighten pores and improves complexion.

Peach and shea oils nourish and moisturize the skin, increase its firmness and elasticity, stimulate recovery processes, make it soft and silky smooth.


One of the key problems faced by clients in beauty salons (both women and men) is EXPANDED Pores.

Enlarged pores on the face can be encountered in adolescence and adulthood. In adolescence, this is usually associated with increased activity of the sebaceous glands, in adulthood - with a decrease in the number of collagen fibres in the epidermis, a decrease in skin tone and elasticity. The pores can become excessively wide due to various reasons: physiology, heredity, negative environmental factors.

Pores are not a disease or a defect, they are vital for our skin to breathe, normal metabolic processes and excretion of substances. Normally, the pores are not visible to the human eye, but under unfavorable conditions, they can spoil the appearance of the face and serve as a comfortable environment for the formation of blackheads, acne, etc.

The #LikeMe BEAUTIFUL SKIN line contains products that are designed to properly care for skin with enlarged pores and are aimed at reducing them.

Cream-Foam for Washing and Deep Pore Cleansing

Cream-Foam for Washing and Deep Pore Cleansing

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Facial wash is designed for daily cleansing of the skin. Soft micro-sponge granules easily and gentl..


Matting Face Cream-Powder with Egg-Collagen Complex, 24 hours

Matting Face Cream-Powder with Egg-Collagen Complex, 24 hours

Matt! Moisturise! Smooth it out!The powdery-velvety texture of the cream spreads easily on the skin,..


Perfecting Face Serum-Fluid with Glycolic Acid

Perfecting Face Serum-Fluid with Glycolic Acid

Hello, beautiful skin!Bye-bye, oily shine!An innovative fluid serum from VITEX, with the help of whi..


Pore Narrowing Matting Detox Face Mask with Green Clay

Pore Narrowing Matting Detox Face Mask with Green Clay

Long-term dullness of the skin? Easy!The first detox mask from VITEX, which will help control the ap..


Two Phase Face Lotion-Toner with Zinc Powder

Two Phase Face Lotion-Toner with Zinc Powder

Hello, clear matte skin!Thanks to its two-phase structure, the toner lotion effectively removes impu..




CLEANSING * TONING * MOISTENINGUltra soft micellar water gently cleanses young skin and cares for it..


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