A unique technology of long-term volume creation from the very roots for transformation of your hair.

As everyone knows, every woman with straight hair dreams to curl them and every curly woman dreams to straighten curls. One thing unites all women: the desire to have hair with a beautiful airy elastic volume, which would stay as long as possible. That’s why volumetric styling is, perhaps, one of the most frequent wishes for master stylists in beauty salons.

Scientists of the scientific & coordination center of CJSC Vitex have developed a unique line of means for creating a long-lasting luxurious volume of hair. All line products - for daily care of different types of hair, intensive means, express care, styling products - contain special high-tech components in order to give the hair an effective elastic volume from the roots, which can last up to 5 days.

Stylish attractive image with a lush square, large flying curls or everyday neat styling with volume from the roots - now you can easily and quickly create and fix a hairstyle of any complexity.

BALM Mega-Volume for hair / 400ml

BALM Mega-Volume for hair / 400ml

INJECTION OF VOLUMETHICKENING * VOLUME * BRILLIANCE Balm strengthens the action of shampoo, gives a ..


SPRAY Mega-VOLUME for styling hair "Lux Volume"

SPRAY Mega-VOLUME for styling hair "Lux Volume"

VOLUME INJECTION VOLUME * PROTECTION * GLITTER Spray Mega-VOLUME with a cascade of volumetric contou..


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