Dreaming of gorgeous long, thick hair, but cannot grow it long?

MEZO HAIR COMPLEX” line is a worthy alternative to mesoinjections of scalp.
Now you can grow luxurious hair to the desired length, make it more voluminous and thick due to MEZO cocktail of active ingredients which:

  •     improve blood circulation in scalp
  •     supply hair follicles with essential nutrients
  •     reduce hair breakage
  •     tighten and strengthen hair

MEZO cocktail of active components:

Kopexil tightens hair and stimulates the growth of new ones increasing the volume, contributes to the renewal of hair roots in androgen-dependent baldness.
EMortal® Pep - a complex of natural peptides - an innovative component against hair loss and for stimulation of its growth.EMortal® Pep restores and strengthens hair follicles; activates "sleeping" bulbs, contributing to the increase of hairs number;prolongs the growth phase of hair - anagen and slows down the "rest"phase of hair - telogen.
Hyaluronic acid restores water balance of scalp and hair, gives hair healthy and well-groomed look.
Balanced multivitamin complex (vitamins A, E, H, PP, group B) heals the scalp, nourishes it and hair with vitamins, makes hair strong and shiny.
Arginine and caffeine increase blood circulation in the scalp, restore hair structure, make hair stronger and more resistant to breakage.
D-panthenol has calming effect on scalp, moisturizes and thickens hair, prevents its fragility and damage.
Aquaxyl ™ restores the optimal level of moisture in deep layers of hair, reconstructs the integrity of hair shaft.
Shea butter nourishes and softens scalp and hair.

Mezo Hair Complex - complex care and perfect hair length without injections!

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Rapid Growth and Thickening MesoShampoo

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