Stinging Nettle and Arginine Hair Cosmetics Line

  1. -a unique combination of natural healing recipes with scientific knowledge and new technology

  2. -a special approach to the problems of thinning or brittle hair and split ends

Professionals with the Belita research and coordination centre have created the innovative formulas for the line's products using 100 percent natural, highly concentrated stinging nettle extract and arginine amino acid combined with lactic acid.

Each active component included in the composition of the Stinging Nettle and Arginine Line is highly important and useful:

Stinging nettle is an essential means of improving hair health. Stinging nettle extract contains biologically active components, such as: ascorbic acid, carotene, and B and K vitamins. Through its healing properties, stinging nettle is an excellent safeguard against hair loss, and a means of improving hair structure and making hair stronger.

Arginine is a one-of-a-kind amino acid, its useful properties discovered by the US researchers Robert F. Furchgott, Louis J. Ignarro and Ferid Murad, who shared the 1998 Nobel Prize for the discovery.

Arginine is a material that has a natural relation to human hair. Our hair is composed of 65 percent proteins, and the arginine essential amino acid is a building block that comprises proteins, makes hair stronger and increases its resistance to breakage. Arginine improves blood supply to hair follicles, "patches up" damaged areas, and restores the integrity of the hair shaft, replenishing the shortage of the protein keratin.

Lactic acid enhances the effects of the core components, penetrating deep into the hair, helping regenerate and renew its intracellular structure, filling the the intercellular hair cement and sealing split ends. Making hair shine is another, no less important, property of lactic acid. As tap water contains hardness salts, the appearance of hair can be marred: salts precipitate and accumulate on hair scales, causing dullness, brittleness and breakage at the roots. Lactic acid removes hardness salts without leaving a trace, filling the hair with a shine and a purer, rich color.

Stinging nettle extract + arginine + lactic acids fight hair problems with a triple force:

  • -restore hair from the inside out,

  • -tighten the structure of thinning and weakened hair,

  • -prevent drying, breaking, flaking and split ends,

  • -close up split ends,

  • -lend the hair a healthy shine, softness and silkiness.

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