Perfect skin is the dream of every woman. As psychologists have found out, smooth, beautiful, delicate skin is what we first of all subconsciously pay attention to when assessing the attractiveness of a person.

Shining complexion, even tone, velvety, smooth, soft skin without enlarged pores, redness, irritation ... Do you think that such a perfect skin can only be on the model from the cover of a glossy magazine? Of course, modern technologies of shooting and processing of photos with special programs allow you to even out the complexion, correct wrinkles, draw a delicate blush on your cheeks, but the ideal is achievable in real life too! And without Photoshop!

Specialists of the scientific centre of JSC "Vitex" more than 5 years working on the formulas of drugs to create flawless skin. It is no coincidence that the line got its name - PERFECT LEATHER

Active ingredients:

Epidermist (a unique, highly effective component of natural origin, unparalleled on Earth) 
Tightens pores (-11% of the total area of visible pores) *
Makes skin smoother (-19% roughness) *
Makes skin brighter (observed in 64% of volunteers) *
Reduces the growth of bacteria caused by inflammation and redness (-10%) *
Reduces skin reactivity (-37%) *
Improves cellular renewal (+31%) *
Neurobiox (active concentrate obtained by special extraction from yarrow)
Smooths wrinkles (-14%) **
Aligns skin texture (-21% of the area of visible pores) **
Increases skin softness (+31%) **
Easyliance (an optimised combination of two ingredients - resins of African acacia and natural biopolymer, which complement and enhance the action of each other)
Provides instant visible lifting effect
Effectively smooths the skin 
Biophytex (patented formula based on natural herbal extracts - needle thorny, horse chestnut ordinary, Asian centella, calendula medicinal)
Effectively fights dark circles under the eyes
Reduces manifestations of couperose on the skin
Helps strengthen capillaries
It has a pronounced softening effect.
Avocado and orange oils
Enhance the protective functions of the skin
Actively saturated with moisturising and nutrients
Promote alignment of microrelief

* proven by Cedef (France)

** proven by BASF (France)

How to make skin perfect? To do this, you need to properly care for it. We present simple rules that will help you without effort to achieve a smooth, smooth, soft, beautiful skin.

Daily care

1. The first step is cleansing. Cleansing in the morning and evening is necessary even if you do not use makeup. Fats produced by the skin help to retain moisture in the body, but also attract dust, which is always present in the air. In addition, the skin is polluted by sweat glands, peeling dead skin cells. If you do not carry out cleansing procedures in the morning and in the evening, pores can expand, form blackheads, irritation and redness occur.

Micellar Facial Makeup Cleansing and Subtimation

2. The second step - toning. This is the final stage of cleansing the skin. Tonic helps to narrow pores, restore the level of moisture in the skin, increase the susceptibility of cells to the absorption of nutrients from creams, serums and other care products.

Pore ​​Tonic

3. The third step is the improvement of the skin. We have created 4 highly effective products tailored to the different needs of women in daily skin care.

· Intensive cream serum, perfecting the skin



· BB skin concealer, perfecting the skin

Special care

A comprehensive skin care program should include products for deep cleansing and restoring the skin.

Dead skin cells accumulate on the surface of the skin, which clog pores and prevent new cells from breathing. The purpose of exfoliation is to remove these dead cells, clean the pores and even out the skin. In the beauty salon one of the most effective methods of deep and at the same time gentle cleaning is the dermabrasion method. Dermabrasion is a high-tech procedure based on the use of carbon dioxide and / or erbium laser. With dermabrasion, the regeneration of the skin and the state of the connective tissue are improved, therefore, its tone is increased, the natural colour is restored, and the irregularities disappear.

After long-term studies, the specialists of the Belita-Vitex Scientific Center have developed a formula for an innovative tool that allows to achieve the effect of salon microdermabrasion without a cosmetologist.

POLISHING scrub with smoothing complex

Facial masks are a fast-acting cosmetic designed to cleanse, refresh, soften, nourish the skin, as well as to solve many other problems. Properly selected and applied mask enhances nutrition and blood circulation, helps to normalise fat, protein, carbohydrate and mineral metabolism in the cells. Impact on the skin is manifested almost immediately, which is important if you need to urgently clean up. For preventive care mask is useful to impose 1-2 times a week.

Renewing mask for skin with dilated pores and signs of couperose

Are you ready for excellence?

POLISHING Scrub with a Smoothing Complex "Belita-VItex"

POLISHING Scrub with a Smoothing Complex "Belita-VItex"

Scrub polishes and smooths the skin surface. The pores are deeply cleaned, the cellular renewal impr..


Skin Perfecting Corrective BB Cream "Belita-Vitex"

Skin Perfecting Corrective BB Cream "Belita-Vitex"

The unique cream concealer has a slight tinting effect. Making even tone and improving the complexio..


Capillary Protector Cream for Skin Prone to Couperosis "Perfect Skin"

Capillary Protector Cream for Skin Prone to Couperosis "Perfect Skin"

The cream’s special formula was designed with skin prone to reddening and irritation in mind. The Bi..


Intensive Cream-Serum 4 in 1 for Skin Improvement "Perfect Skin"

Intensive Cream-Serum 4 in 1 for Skin Improvement "Perfect Skin"

The Intensive Skin Perfecting Cream Serum, working on your skin day and night, is enriched with the ..


Pore Reducing Tonic "Belita-Vitex"

Pore Reducing Tonic "Belita-Vitex"

Tonic is a highly effective innovative tool for toning the skin. The active components of the Epider..


Vitalizing Mask for Skin Affected by Enlarged Pores and Signs of Couperose "Belita-Vitex"

Vitalizing Mask for Skin Affected by Enlarged Pores and Signs of Couperose "Belita-Vitex"

The Vitalizing Mask helps perfect skin appearance thanks to its active formula. White and red clay g..


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