POWER OF NATURE with castor oil

Cosmetics containing valuable oils and plant extracts are considered the most effective and indispensable helpers for the care of the body and hair of any woman.

The research center of the company "BELITA", having studied the composition and useful properties of castor and linseed oils, has developed on their basis the cosmetic line "Power of Nature":

"Power of Nature" with Castor Oil

"Power of Nature" with Linseed Oil

Castor oil is obtained from the seeds of a fast-growing plant - castor oil plant. The effectiveness of castor oil is explained by the exceptional content of fatty acids and vitamin E, thanks to which the oil has its beneficial properties: it strengthens hair, prevents hair loss, nourishes the scalp, and restores damaged hair structure.

In terms of biological value, flax oil ranks first among oils in terms of the content of nutrients. Due to the high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3, Omega-6 and a complex of vitamins, flaxseed oil has miraculous properties: it has a beneficial effect on hair restoration, nourishes and strengthens the roots, prevents the formation of brittle split ends, making hair shiny, healthy and silky.

Castor Oil Balsam against Hair Loss

Castor Oil Balsam against Hair Loss

Castor oil balm, thanks to its active ingredients, restores the hair shaft, prevents loss and stimul..


Castor Oil Sauna Mask against Hair Loss

Castor Oil Sauna Mask against Hair Loss

Castor oil sauna mask is designed to strengthen and restore the hair structure, enhanced hair follic..


Castor Oil Shampoo against Hair Loss

Castor Oil Shampoo against Hair Loss

Shampoo with castor oil perfectly cleanses and strengthens hair, prevents hair loss and breakage.Fat..


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