Weightless finest silk is valued for its unique properties and has long been surrounded by a halo of mystery. The fabric is considered an attribute of good taste and luxury.

Silk proteins are obtained from silk fibers (hydrolyzed silk) - a natural cosmetic component that has excellent moisturizing and conditioning properties.

The company "BELITA" has developed a new cosmetic line based on silk proteins - Silk Protein to create hair as smooth as silk.

Silk proteins are able to repair damaged areas of hair, smoothing their surface. An invisible membrane created around the hair, proteins protect it from damage, retain moisture, prevent split ends, brittleness and weaken hair.


Silk hair shampoo. Ideal for hair care of all types. Silk Protein (Hydrolyzed Silk Protein) has the ability to penetrate hair while retaining moisture on its surface. Prevents electricity and provides elasticity, a healthy appearance, softness, and silk

shine of hair.

Conditioners facilitate combing, give hair shine, softness and volume.


The active components of Silk Hair Balm nourish and restore hair, give it shine, softness and silkiness

Silk Protein from Belita - the luxury of your hair!

Silk Hair Balm "Silk Protein"

Silk Hair Balm "Silk Protein"

Balm nourishes and restores the hair structure, gives it shine, softness and silkiness. Suitable for..


Silk Hair Shampoo "Silk Protein"

Silk Hair Shampoo "Silk Protein"

Shampoo gently cleanses the scalp and hair. Ideal for hair care of all types.ACTIVE COMPONENTS:Hydro..


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