Exotic Fresh cream-soap is more than just cleansing. This is simultaneously 10 advantages in each package!

1. Saturated balanced composition. In each product line - fresh juicy fruit and 1 \ 5 part of a saturated moisturizing cream

2. Delicate and thorough cleansing

3. Saturation with valuable vitamins and minerals

4. Preservation of water-lipid balance of the skin

5. Effective moisturizing and softening.

6. Improving of smoothness and elasticity.

7. Incredible tenderness and velvety skin

8. Neutral pH of cream-soap

9. Bright delectable fruit flavors.

10. Economical packaging format

Exotic Fresh cream-soap is in an economic format, you do not overpay for expensive packaging using the dispensers or liquid soap dispensers. 1 pack is for up to 500 uses *.

* The calculation was made on the basis of the standard single dose of 1.5 ml.

Lime and Lemongrass Cream-Soap "Exotic Fresh"

Lime and Lemongrass Cream-Soap "Exotic Fresh"

WITH Lime JUICEmakes the skin soft and smoothfresh citrus aromaThe new formula of cream-soap consist..


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